Summer Offerings


As the sultry season begins, it comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. At RSWM, we handle them with the right kind of innovation and a little help from the environment. These yarns are loaded with properties that tackle the most prevalent issues of the season.


Summers are infamous for sweating and odours. The excessive moisture also causes microbial development that may lead to rashes and diseases. Yarns from RSWM help you beat that with the goodness of coffee-charcoal and bamboo-charcoal yarns, and silver and zinc inputs.


Sweat helps release toxins from the body, but weighs down garments when it clings to them. We use engineered fibres that help in absorption of moisture and facilitate evaporation of sweat right from the surface of your clothes, helping you beat the prickly heat.

uv rays

Ultraviolet rays have a drastic effect on human skin upon prolonged exposure to the sun. Special yarns with seaweed from RSWM offer a chance to camouflage your skin from the harmful rays of the sun and stay protected.