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LNJ Denim

From traditional to cutting-edge, we have the ability to spin any yarn to create personalised denim fabrics

Every day is a denim day. And through LNJ Denim, we are committed to produce quality by which we have earned an excellent reputation amongst many international and domestic brands. By using latest methods and technologies, we offer a wide range of versatile, smooth and novel fabric finishes.


Our open-end spinning process can add 20% more twists to heavier fabrics like denim by creating a more textured and unique look. We are also proud to be an organic cotton resource for our customers which equals to about 20% of our total cotton consumption.

LNJ Denim, a denim-manufacturing facility established in 2007 under RSWM Limited (the flagship company of LNJ Bhilwara Group), has a manufacturing capacity of 25 million metres annually. LNJ Denim has earned an excellent reputation amongst international and domestic brands as an innovator and a quality supplier of denim fabric.


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