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Experience an assortment of extraordinary yarns through our Greige and Melange collection, curated just for your brand.

Being part of your daily life has been an honour. You have inspired us to bring you styles from around the world by delving deep into technology and design. We produce minimal, opulent, functional, innovative and many other types of yarn that let you truly feel the quality of what you’re wearing, going beyond the mere look of a garment.

With 3,48,000 spindles and 167 looms, we produce various blends of yarns including cotton, synthetic, core-spun, zero-twist, hollow-core, greige, dyed and fancy, melange and eco-friendly, and green yarns meant for knitting and weaving which can be utilized in various segments such as suiting, shirting, knits, sewing thread, home furnishing, carpets and industrial applications.

Facts about RSWM Ltd. Yarns

10 state of the art manufacturing plants, 3,48,000 spindles,
10,000 (MT/annum) Cotton fibre dyeing capacity, 4,000 (MT/annum) Yarn dyeing capacity

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