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Melange Yarns

With a total of 75,000 spindles, we produce 18,000 metric tons of melange yarns every year.

Blending a spectrum of colours and a plethora of different fibres, we breathe a beautiful range of dyed and non-dyed yarns into existence. Our colour pallette is ever-expanding and strives to capture attention with its vibrant visuals and diverse shades.


You never know the number of outcomes that become possible when there’s a will to innovate. Hence, at RSWM we don’t just encourage but appreciate unconventional blending ideas, colour combinations and spinning techniques to ultimately produce a magnificent line of products that evolve into jewels of our crown.


Melange yarn is widely used for undergarments, shirts, business suits, socks and all sportswear, as well as bed linen, towels and other home fabric products.



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For Business Enquiries