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Dyed Yarns

Our dyed and fancy yarn creation unit is where the spark of creativity is fanned.


We have two advanced facilities located in Bhilwara and one near Jaipur in the state of Rajasthan. These two units of RSWM offer the most optimum efficiency and excellence when it comes to creating exquisite designer yarns like Slub, Neppy, Siro, Siro Slub, CSY, Grindle and many more.


We produce a diverse range of products that are used across global markets and determine fashion trends for the future. We understand the perspective of our clients and offer customised dyed yarn solution for high end fashion apparel and active wear.


Our textile geniuses also specialise in home and commercial interior applications producing the choicest yarns that can be used for curtains, carpets, bed covers, upholstery and a multitude of items that add a dash of luxury to one's home decor.


But our innovation at RSWM goes a step further.



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