A true jewel of the Indian northeast and a
fibre that stands for peace and sustainability

Ahmisa silk, also known as Eri silk, is one among the most respected fibres sourced from areas in north-eastern India. It has been gaining tremendous popularity because of the ethical nature of its production.

The fibre is known for its sustainable nature and the non-violent way in which it is made, as no living organism is killed while producing it. This is the reason that it is rightly called Ahimsa Silk. This winter, RSWM Limited is proud to present products eco-friendly, yet rich textiles made with Eri Silk fibres.

Here are some of the prime benefits of using blends with this fibre in wearable products –

guilt-free & sustainable

thermal regulation

immensely Breathable

soothing & comfortable

Here are some of our choicest products made with the sustainable goodness of Eri silk blended with pure cotton –